How to find out which password is bad

This article contains the most popular mistakes in a password creation process.

How NOT to do:
  • 1.

    Use your personal data while you create a password, for example:

    • – your birthday (can be founded in a social networks)
    • – your personal data – your name, surname, street, city, country etc.
    • – use of successive shortcuts like qwerty, 12345
    Here is written the most popular passwords:
    Gmail Yandex
    123456 123456 qwerty
    password 123456789 123456
    123456789 111111 qwertyuiop
    qwerty qwerty qwe123
    12345678 1234567890 qweqwe
  • 2.

    The everyday usable words are not recommended for the password. (for example, car, laundry, wash, keys etc.)

  • 3.

    Create a password that looks like your login on this website.

  • 4.

    Make the password that contains the same letters or numbers, like 8888888.

  • 5.

    Have a same password for all your accounts – when the one of it will be hacked all the other will be checked and faster than all hacked too.

  • 6.

    Enter the data of the most important acc’s (like credit card data, work email etc.) while using the public sources – Wifi-caffee, friend’s laptop and other. The protection in these places is so bad, that’s why your data can be hacked in easy way.

  • 7.

    Always use the spyware soft while working with the important data – maybe exact it can protect your money on the bank account!

So you should create strong passwords that can protect and keep your data private. Better use our source –it will never make any of these mistakes and create a great password for all your data!