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We wanna tell you a couple of lifehacks for a successful password creation:)

We always hear just a one question – which symbols should be used for the password?

Hint: It depends on the password length.

    and here is our answer:
  • - If the password contains less than 8 symbols, it won’t be strong at all even if you use all available symbols.
  • - When password has from 8 to 11 signs you should use letters, numbers and a special symbols at the same time.
  • - If the password has 12-15 signs - you can use only numbers and letters.
  • - When it has 16-19 symbols - you need only letters.
  • - When password contains from 20 and more signs -you can use every symbols you want:)

Do you know that the all passwords which has more than 20 symbols, are the golden protection standart and can provide you the max protection level for your data.

Why the long passwords are the best?
  • 1.

    Use 16 and more signs while creating a password.
    The long password is highly stronger because they can’t be hacked in easy counting way – it takes a lot of time - not all the hackers have a lot of patience to finish this process:)

  • 2.

    Easy to use.
    Because 16+ password contains only upper and lowercase letters it’s more comfortable to enter it on the mobile devices.

But how can we create so long password?

And here is our lifehack:

Choose 4 words.

For example:
apple car heat hot

Now we have 18 symbols! (* including spaces)

Don’t wait – use our tips right now and create your own strong password!

Also we wanna tell you one more lifehack:

You can create a great password in a flash –use our passgen site!

We wish you a successful use and let your data be always protected!