How to find out that your password is strong?

Here we wanna give a couple of advices to our users about the password creation process – use it, and you data will always be strongly protected.

How to make a gold password:
  • 1.

    Every account should have an unique password which wasn’t used before on any source.

  • 2.

    Password contains from 4 to 32 signs, that’s why you should better use at least 8 signs. p>


    Use at least 8 signs on your password

  • 3.

    You should use all of this stuff at the same time:

    • – Latin uppercase and lowercase


    • – numbers


    • – special charaters, (for example, *?/&# и т.п.)


    All the symbols used in your password should be placed alternately, not straight.

  • 4.

    It’s better to refresh your password every 10-12 weeks to prevent it’s hacking.

  • 5.

    While saving the passwords you’d better use only the most protected storage. We recommend 1password (Android, Windows, Mac and Ios).

The best password storage – is your head:)

We hope that this easy advices will help you to create the highly strong password, and your data will always be protected!!