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We’re glad to welcome you at the website – the best online passgen tool!

It’s not a secret no more that in 21st century the data’s safety is the most important for us. Everybody is highly integrated into the web now – you have an email, social network’s accounts etc. All of this services requires a password protection.

It’s easy to come up with 1 or 2 password but what to do if you need for example 20 passwords? Not every person can make so many passwords by itself!

That’s why we decided to make your life easier – we can create the password for you!

The idea is very simple – our system makes a strong, correct password just in one moment.

You need to do just a one action – press the button and the password is yours! It’s very easy, comfortable and the most important – it’s absolutely free!:)

We hope that our pains will be useful for you!

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Sincerely yours, team